Woodland Pathway at Southgate.


Pupils in the Woodland Pathway often have extremely high levels of anxiety and may have experienced some form of trauma in their lives.  Therefore, their primary need will be their social, emotional and mental health, along with complex learning and communication needs.  These leaners require small group sizes, higher staffing ratios, and a flexible approach to learning activities, led by the pupil’s interests and passions.

They have very ‘spikey’ profiles and may excel in certain area.  The academic ability of these learners is very variable, and some will access the Semi-Formal Curriculum and others the Formal Curriculum.  At the early stage of the Woodland journey, learning is delivered through play and project work which may take place out of the school environment.  As relationships develop through conversation and shared experiences, learning objectives become more explicit and structured activities can take place. 

We seek to ensure all pupils are equipped with the skills they need to access appropriate Post 16 provision and beyond, including community activities and pursuing their interests beyond Southgate School.