Southgate school goes for wellbeing award

In 2019, we successfully achieved the Wellbeing Award for Schools.  This recognises our dedication to promoting and supporting wellbeing and mental health of our whole school community.  We are committed working closely with pupils, families, staff and the Educational Psychology service to raise the awareness of mental health and support wellbeing.  Staff across the school have completed a wide range of specialist training courses from the Mental Health School Traiblazer project and we have a team of Mental Health First Aiders. 

Wellbeing Champions

We have a team of Wellbeing Champions, who meet regularly to discuss ways to enhance and promote emotional wellbeing and mental health across the school.

The Pupil Wellbeing Team Aims:

Extend and enhance our provision for all pupils’ emotional health and wellbeing by developing awareness and skills to meet the increasingly complex and high level of social, emotional and mental health needs of pupils within our cohort.

The Staff Wellbeing Team Aims:

Create an environment where staff feel that they are encouraged to be open about how they are feeling, where they feel comfortable talking about their own emotional wellbeing and mental health and feel that they will be listened to and supported.

The Family Wellbeing Team Aims:

Become a community hub for parents and carers, so that they can support each other and request or access support for their child’s mental health and emotional wellbeing through school.

At Southgate School we believe that emotional wellbeing and mental health of pupils, staff and families is a shared responsibility of the whole school community.

Wellbeing Champions

We are going for a Wellbeing Award which means we are looking at how well we deal with everyone within our school community, and what we can improve. At the end of this year, we hope to be properly recognised for the way we set out to support everyone involved with our school, and to do it better!.