COVID 19 Catch Up

Covid-19 Catch up Premium 

The government is providing Covid-19 Catch Up Premium funding to cover the 2020-2021 academic year. It aims to support pupils to catch up for lost learning so schools can meet curriculum expectations for the next academic year.

Special schools like ours will receive 3 instalments in autumn 2020, early 2021 and summer 2021, totalling £240 for every pupil. Based on 155 pupils on roll in September 2020, this would total £37,200.



Allocated Funds:

September 2021

Impact Review:

Additional fixed term ETA

To assist with familiarity of staffing throughout 2020/21, providing more stability for classes. This ETA can also be used to provide additional capacity for teachers and specialist support staff to provide targeted interventions.


Identified pupils received targeted academic interventions, concrete Maths resources were purchased and a cohesive Phonics strategy was implemented.

Home learning was coordinated and well resourced.

The number of pupils achieving Above Expected and Expected progress has increased.

2018-2020 (average) Above Expected in Reading: 5.25%

2020-2021 Above Expected in Reading: 8.8%

2018-202) (average) Above Expected in Writing: 8.9%

2020-2021 Above Expected in Writing: 10.4%

2018-2020 Above Expected in Number:


2020-2021 Above Expected in Number:


English Resources


Maths Resources

To strengthen the curriculum offer for each class including concrete apparatus such as Numicon and phonics resources. This will also be used to supplement the remote learning offer to improve home learning.




Sensory Resources

To provide an alternative remote learning offer for pupils who have barriers to more traditional home learning. This includes sensory bags full of resources and strategies that families can use to engage pupils and work towards set objectives.


Sensory provision has increased across school but in addition a number of key pupils have been identified and received additional sensory support. For example, Hare class have created a Sensory Nook within their classroom and Squirrel class have bought a range of resources such as peanut cushions and trampettes. Furniture that is designed for certain pupils with certain needs has been purchased so that they are more comfortable in class. A sensory OT has worked one day a week in school, completing referrals for specific pupils as well as supporting teachers with their classroom environments.

Sensory bags to support home learning for our Forest and Woodland pathway pupils allowed for higher levels of engagement during periods of lockdown.

English/ Literacy Additional Hours

Maths Additional Hours

3 hours per week in the Summer Term 2021 to develop the library (reading) and support resourcing.

2 hours per week in the Summer Term 2021 to support resourcing.




The data for this is relatively recent as the intervention only began in the summer term and will therefore need reviewing over the coming year. However, the library is now a space which has timetabled access for all classes and is used to promote and engage pupils in reading. Similarly, Maths resources are now coordinated and accessible with every class having the concrete resources to support their learning needs.


Agency driver and Mount Taxi costs to transport pupils into school when School Transport is disrupted due to their staff needing to isolate. Includes contributions towards using our own staff and buses to transport pupils. This supports pupils from more financially disadvantaged backgrounds who don’t always have alternative options.


Vulnerable pupils had increased attendance at school during this period. The gap between attendance of non and Pupil Premium pupils lessened over the year.

Autumn 1.9% gap

Spring 1.6% gap

Summer 1.4% gap

Key pupils were able to access school over extended periods of time when transport services were interrupted due to Covid-19 related isolations. Pupil Premium attendance was higher and remained so well into the Autumn term but fell sharply behind as School Transport routes were affected due to Covid cases. We found this had a profound effect on our more deprived families. To mitigate this, funding was used to provide drivers and/or taxis to enable these children to make the journey into school.  

Additional Speech and Language Therapy

An additional half a day to focus on staff supervision, supporting staff and class practice, and auditing and developing whole school approaches. From June 2021 and costed for 1 year.


The progress in Speaking and Listening is looking strong due to a range of initiatives. However due to the fact this intervention only started in June we will need to review this throughout this academic year.

2018-2020 (average) Above Expected in Speaking: 7.4%

2020-2021 Above Expected in Speaking: 12.7%

2018-2020 (average) Above Expected in Listening: 10.55%

2020-2021 Above Expected in Listening: 11.9%