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Discovering Potential

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Our vision is to offer a safe nurturing school where we always see the best in people and believe in them. We celebrate difference, take great joy in our young people and seek to discover and develop their unique potential.

School Policies

Please click on links below to see our school policies.

Absconding Policy: Absconding Policy

Accessibility Plan: Accessibility Plan

Anti-Bullying Policy: Anti Bullying Policy 2020

Attendance Policy and Absence Request: ATTENDANCE POLICY 2017

Behaviour Policy: Behaviour Policy 2019

Careers and Guidance Policy: Careers Policy

Staff Behaviour Policy 2019 - Code of Conduct: Staff Behaviour Policy 2019_1

Charging and Remission Policy: Charging and Remissions March 2019

Complaints Procedure: Complaints Procedure 2016

Capability Procedures School Support Staff:Capability Procedures - Support Staff

Curriculum Policy: Curriculum Policy

Data Protection Policy: Data Protection Policy 2017

Emergency Plan: Emergency Plan Southgate

Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy: Equal Opportunities and Diversity Policy 2018

Health and Safety Policy:Southgate HS Policy 9-2019 (003)

Incident or Near Miss Reporting and Investigation Policy 2019:Incident or Near Miss Reporting and Investigation Policy 12-2019

Intimate Care Policy: Intimate care Policy review Jan 2019

Keeping Children Safe in Education:Keeping_children_safe_in_education_part_one (1)

Medical Needs Policy: Medical Needs Policy

Mobile Phone Policy: Mobile Policy

Online Safety Policy: Online Safety Policy 2019

Pay Policy: Pay Policy 2019 1

Positive Touch Policy: Positive Touch Policy 2019

PSHCE Policy:PSHCE Policy December 2019

SRE Policy: SRE Policy December 2019 

Safeguarding Policy: Safeguarding Child Protection Policy 2019_20 FINAL

Safeguarding Policy Addendum: Southgate COVID-19. addendum to safeguarding policy (Final)_2

SEN Report: SEN Report 2019

Site Security Policy: Site Security Policy

Teaching and Learning Policy: Teaching and Learning Policy 2018

Visitors Code of Conduct: Visitors Code of Conduct April 2020

Volunteer Policy: Volunteers Policy

Whistleblowing Policy: Whistleblowing Policy - Sept. 2019

Work Related Violence Policy 2019: Work Related Violence Policy 12-2019