Sports Premium Funding (2021-22) at Southgate School


This year, Southgate School will receive a total of £16520 to allocate to the area of Sports Premium. In October 2021 we have received £6854 with the next instalment in April 2022 totaling £9666.

Over the course of the year, Key Stage 2 pupils will again have access to swimming lessons at Kirklees Leisure Centre. Additional staff will be implemented, where appropriate to ensure that all pupils are able to access these lessons in a safe and meaningful way.

As of September 2021:

  • 43% of our Year 6 pupils can swim competently, confidently and proficiently over a distance of 25m
  • 13% of our Year 6 pupils are able to use a range of strokes effectively
  • 13% of our Year 6 pupils are able to perform safe self rescue in different water based situations

With the re-introduction of swimming lessons to our Key Stage 2 pupils, after the lockdown as a result of COVID 19, we endeavour to increase these percentages over the coming year. 

Our whole school enrichment offer will continue to develop, extending the range of activities our pupils have access to. This will be through Pennine Sports Partnership and Huddersfield Town providing specialist coaches to deliver small group sessions as well as external practitioners such as an experienced dance teacher. The choice of activities will promote pupils’ engagement as they have a choice of active lessons to participate in, encouraging a higher number of pupils to be active.

In order to ensure sustained improvement within our P.E. provision we will further develop staff practice in P.E through the identification of more specific areas for development within the curriculum for example the explicit teaching of gymnastics skills. This will ensure that pupils get a thorough, well balanced P.E offer, allowing them to develop a wider range of skills and further promote engagement in lessons.  We will also use the Sports Premium budget to secure specialist coaches to upskill current teachers to deliver new sports or further develop existing skills.

We will also purchase outdoor equipment to extend provision at breaktimes to increase activity levels and engagement of pupils in physical exercise.

Sports Premium Impact Report 2020-21

Sports premium is allocated to schools based on the number of pupils on roll in Years 1 to 6 recorded in the January Census.

Southgate School received two instalments: £9.596.00 in October 2020 and £6,854.00 in April 2021 to use across the academic year to make additional and sustained improvements to the quality of PE and sport on offer and to facilitate pupils being active during break times.  An outline of our sports premium spending is in the table below: £16,450 total.







Ben – 6 hours

For pupils to access small group cycling tuition on site.

For pupils to access small group cycling sessions off-site, in the local community and on local roads where appropriate.

For pupils to increase confidence on a bike and show progression in their cycling skills.

For pupils to develop skills in general bike maintenance and bike safety.

In total, 131 pupils accessed cycling enrichment.

83 Pupils can now ride a 2 wheel bike.

12 pupils learnt to cycle on the local roads.

18 pupils learnt to cycle on local trails.

36 pupils were able to develop their bike maintenance skills.



Carol – 9 hours

To train new teachers to deliver quality PE that meets the needs of all pupils.

To upskill and build confidence of existing teachers in specific areas of development.

To lead Sports Leadership sessions to develop older pupils to support peers and younger pupils with P.E and active sessions. 


Teacher’s feedback detailed an increase in confidence in delivering P.E lessons with their class. They shared that they developed their knowledge in the breakdown of skills required in specific activities. Two teachers fed back that they both feel more confident developing team work during games lessons e.g. basketball.

They received planning which they could then use and adapt as appropriate as well as developing an understanding of how to use an increased amount of equipment during P.E sessions. Overall this has had a positive impact on P.E lessons, with pupils showing a higher level of engagement and also developing holistic skills related to communication and interaction and general social skills.


As a result of the recent pandemic, opportunities for Sports Leaders in school has been limited. In the Summer term a Covid secure sports day was arranged which allowed Sports Leaders to support younger pupils to access and engage in activities. This was a positive event and well received by all pupils.



To provide transport to enable pupils to access planned activities provided by Outdoor Leaders as well as outdoor class trips.


In total 55 pupils accessed outdoor enrichment activities and expeditions last year. This would not have been possible without the regular maintenance of the bus.


White lines

To enable the on-going use of the sports courts in the main hall for a range of physical activities including discrete P.E lessons and movement sessions.


As a result of the upkeep of sports courts, engaging P.E sessions continue to take place in the hall, focussing on games such as Badminton, Basketball, Tennis and dodgeball. Daily movement sessions also benefit from the use of the lines to focus on gross motor skill development of all pupils.


Membership of Pennine Sports Partnership

To provide teachers with access to guidance and ideas on engaging

To upskill staff in delivering the P.E curriculum to meet the complex needs of all pupils.


Being part of Pennine Sports Partnership has allowed Teachers across school access to CPD and resources. Although restricted by the recent pandemic, some training has gone ahead with one teacher specifically developing her skills in teaching Yoga.

Wider school competitions did not go ahead as a result of Covid-19 however we are hopeful they will be re-established for the academic year 2021-22.


Sport, P.E and play resources including:


Fitness Equipment



Mat Trolley

Tactile Beam


River Stones


Storage box.

For teachers to have access to a wide range of equipment that is appropriate for all learners to support engagement and progression in P.E lessons.


Differentiated equipment has been purchased to meet the varying needs of all pupils in school and support teachers to effectively deliver an engaging and meaningful P.E curriculum.


Engagement of active play in outdoor area

All classes now have access to engaging outdoor equipment enabling active playtimes. As well as teaching our pupils the importance of an active lifestyle, access to this equipment has also supported the further development of pupils’ communication and social skills.