Performance and Assessment

The exam and assessment results for 2019/20 or 2020/21 weren’t published as performance measures due to Covid-19. It is a requirement that we continue to publish the 2018/19 measures for Key Stage 2 and Key Stage 4 until new ones are published but these aren’t current. The school performance measures in these tables compare the progress of pupils at Southgate School against the expected progress for all pupils of that age. This information can be accessed on the following link:


Our Internal Assessment Analysis for 2020-2021 celebrates and evaluates the smaller steps of progress that our pupils make due to their complex needs. We maintain high expectations for our pupils’ progress and these are written into each pupil’s EHCP in collaboration with parents and carers. We then use aspirational projections from CASPA to monitor pupil’s progress each academic year.


We are incredibly proud of the qualifications achieved by our Year 10 and Year 11s in 2020-2021. We continue to broaden the accreditations that we offer across the wide range of levels our pupils are working at. The offer is tailored for each pupil to ensure they can access meaningful qualifications that enable them to be successful.



Year 11


  • 2 x Entry 1
  • 4 x Entry 2


  • 2 x Entry 1
  • 7 x Entry 2
  • 3 x Entry 3


  • 1 x PP
  • 8 x PSD

Arts Award

  • 4 x Bronze

Year 10


  • 3 x Entry 2
  • 1 x Entry 3


  • 2 x Entry 2
  • 2 x Entry 3

Arts Award

  • 1 x Bronze

Duke of Edinburgh