We are a Nurture School

We strongly believe that these nurture approaches improve outcomes and
help prepare our pupils for adulthood.

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To achieve our vision our aims are to:

  • Create a happy and secure learning environment where Nurture Principles are embedded in school life, pupils’ needs and potential are at the heart of the school, and progress, achievements and success are recognised and praised.
  • Be ambitious and aspirational in the outcomes we strive to achieve.
  • Create nurturing classrooms where pupils feel safe and adults model calm and positive behaviour. 
  • Develop a detailed and clear understanding of every pupil’s needs and show a strong sense of their potential e.g. through well-focused Education Health Care Plans. 
  • Provide a communication-rich environment which is adaptive to individual needs and shows an understanding of the fundamentals of communication.
  • Listen not just to the words but also to other vital communication, like behaviour. Pay attention to the messages that pupils, parents, staff and other agencies give us and use them to inform everything we do. Share information clearly, usefully and appropriately.
  • Foster positive relationships with parents and other professionals, focused on the child.
  • Develop pupil voice and personal responsibility, encourage decision making and choice, communicating through whatever means appropriate.
  • Offer opportunities of working co-operatively alongside others, developing social communication, positive relationships, supportive friendships and respect for others.
  • Provide a rich, varied, personalised and adapted curriculum focused on reducing anxieties and promoting engagement, so that pupils can be challenged appropriately.
  • Help pupils acquire the knowledge, skills and confidence, and develop the emotional selfregulation which will enable them to lead as full, interesting and independent lives as possible.
  • Promote a strong sense of values which encourage respect and tolerance, an enjoyment of diversity and difference, and a sense of community and mutual support.
  • Provide all staff with training and learning opportunities to develop effective practice and make this a continuously learning organisation.
  • Provide a supportive environment which maintains the positive wellbeing of staff so they can flourish as professionals.
  • Ensure that the welfare and protection of our children is paramount and that every adult understands that this is their shared responsibility 

School Values

These values have been compiled by the staff with input from governors and also parents through the governing body.

Respect is shown for pupils by staff ensuring that pupils:
  • are the centre of every action of every one at all times
  • have a classroom in which they feel safe
  • are never talked over and that all adult conversation is about supporting the learning,wellbeing and self-esteem of the pupils
  • know that we recognise their potential and build on their strengths
  • learn in an environment that is appropriate to their needs e.g. bright and stimulating or low arousal, with well-managed transitions
  • are kept safe at all times
  • personal information and that of their family is kept confidential at all times. This includes no direct or indirect work comments on social media
  • work with adults who adhere to all school policies and procedures
  • work with staff who maximise all moments of the day to support pupils’ wellbeing, development, progress and achievement
  • are listened to – and their behaviour is also interpreted as communication
  • are understood developmentally
  • have outstanding adult role models at all time
Staff work and support each other. They:
  • work together for the common goals of our school and share a commitment to the nurture approach
  • are always be focused on pupils
  • have a can do attitude
  • ensure positive clear communication across school
  • are confidential at all times about our work, our pupils, their families and each other
  • are positive about each others’ strengths and achievements, reflect on practice and help each other to improve constructively
  • support each other and show empathy and humility towards each other at times of difficulty
  • provide a positive role model for our pupils and our school
  • treat each other with respect and value each other
  • seek solutions to any problems positively and professionally
  • set and achieve high standards
  • respect and value each person’s individuality, differences and beliefs operating within the school policies and procedures