We are a Nurture School

We strongly believe that these nurture approaches improve outcomes and
help prepare our pupils for adulthood.

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School Council

Allowing our pupils to have a voice is integral to our values. We believe that this prepares them for life after school as a member of a community.

Our school council is made up of one pupil from each classroom. Classes frequently have communication sessions where they make contributions or have a vote. The school council representatives then feedback this information to the Head of Lower School/Assistant Headteacher Ruth in their fortnightly meetings.

During the 2016/17 academic year, this system was used for pupils to choose the school uniform that we use at Southgate today. The school council played and active role in the high levels of staff recruitment as our school has expended in size.

This year, it was the decision of the school council to move fish and chips to Friday, and we are working through a number of school council priorities as the year progresses. They would like to bring cycling to Southgate alongside school clubs and activities.

There is a representative from each class on the School Council. The representatives for 2020/2021 are:

Badger Class – Sapphire

Hedgehog Class – Thomas

Dragonfly Class – Harley

Butterfly/Robin/Hare Class – Finley

Rabbit Class – Alex

Squirrel Class – Tallulah

Fox Class – Ibrahim

Chestnut Class – George

Owl Class – Hayden

Willow – Joshua H

Cedar ClassBen

Holly Class Zak

Hazel Class – Courtney

Chestnut Class – Kaddie 

Rowan/Apple ClassMia

Maple Class – Waleed