Annual Reviews

Your child’s EHC plan must be reviewed once every 12 months, or every 6 months for Reception aged children. 

Southgate School are responsible for the preparation and organisation of the meeting.   Once the meeting has taken place, recommendations will be made to the SENDACT team at Kirklees Council to consider.  SENDACT will make one of the 3 decisions below

  1.  To maintain the EHC plan in its current form (the review meeting recommendation is acknowledged with the intention of no changes to be made)
  2. To amend the EHC plan (SENDACT issue an Amendment Notice)
  3. To cease the EHC plan 


Who is invited to the meeting

  • Parents or carers, the local authority (SENDACT), any education, health and social care professionals who are involved and any other relevant individuals
  • You can request invitations to be sent to anybody you would like to support you during the meeting 
  • It is a satutory requirement that SENDACT are notified of the dates if all annual reviews, however, this does not mean that they must or will attend all meetings.  They will prioritise Change of Phase Meetings (Year 10) and other exceptional or complex situations
  • If you need any advice or support in advance or after an annual review please contact your SENDACT team on 01484 456888 or email

Before the Review

  • Southgate School must prepare a report prior to the review and share this with all attendees at least 2 weeks prior to the meeting taking place
  • A parent questionnaire will be sent to all parents/cares prior to the meeting.  It is important that you complete and return this information as it is used to update your child’s EHC plan.

During the Review

  • Consider the progress your child has made towards the outcomes set out in the EHC plan
  • Decide if the outcomes are still appropriate and agree new ones if required
  • Review the current provision offered for your child and agree if this is still relevant and if anything needs to be changed or added
  • Update any information that has changed since the last review
  • Reviews for Year 9 and above will focus on preparing for adulthood and CK Careers will be invited to attend all Year 9, 10 and 11 reviews
  • Year 10 reviews are classed as “change of phase reviews”.  This is normally when parents preference for a Post 16 Provider is required to be discussed and agreed

After the review

  • The annual review report will be completed and the EHC plan will be edited to include all changes agreed
  • All paperwork will be shared with parents 2 weeks after the date of the meeting
  • Paperwork will be submitted to Kirklees SENDACT for recommendation with one of the following decisions
    • Maintain the EHC plan in its current form
    • Amend the EHC plan (SENDACT to issue an Amendment Notice)
    • Cease the EHC plan