Our vision at Southgate is for all pupils to access a broad, rich and experiential Citizenship curriculum which enables them to develop the practical and social skills needed to communicate their thoughts, ideas and wishes in a way which is developmentally appropriate to them.

Pupils at Southgate will become active citizens, developing their sense of belonging, engagement and confidence with others within their immediate and wider community.

Pupils will build resilience through developing an understanding of themselves and their relationships with others within a nurturing school ethos. They will develop their spiritual, moral, social and cultural values in order to lead healthy, safe and active lifestyles and know that their voices and contributions are heard and valued.

Pupils will leave Southgate with a good understanding of their rights and responsibilities as citizens within different groups. They will have developed the confidence to take positive action for the benefit of themselves and others. They will be equipped with the practical skills needed to manage budgets, make responsible choices and lead healthy and safe lifestyles.


Curriculum Intentions

  • The Citizenship Curriculum at Southgate School intends to provide our pupils with a progressive, meaningful and practical learning experience as they develop their understanding of their roles and responsibilities as active citizens.
  • Pupils will develop an understanding of the core British Values with opportunities to use their voice, express likes and dislikes, understand the rules that keep us safe and happy and develop their ability to show mutual respect and equal rights for all.
  • Pupil voice will be promoted through daily class-based learning activities where all pupils are listened to and treated fairly and through active engagement with the School Council.
  • British Values are integral to whole school assemblies and discussions, where the positive contributions of pupils are celebrated.
  • The curriculum is designed to develop the skills, attitudes and understanding our pupils need to take a full and active role in their lives and that of their school, home and wider community.

The journey from Semi-Formal to Formal

The Citizenship curriculum at Southgate is practical and progressive and is embedded within a nurturing ethos which promotes the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural values of our pupils.

Pupils are encouraged from a young age, through our Semi-Formal curriculum, to explore and engage with key people around them, to understand the roles of people close to them and begin to engage with others and develop their sense of self.  Pupils will be supported to understand what is right and wrong.

Pupils accessing our Formal curriculum develop the skills needed to communicate choice and opinions and to actively participate in their community.   They will develop the skills needed to make positive and informed choices and reflect on the needs of themselves and others in their community (both school and wider).


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