At Southgate we believe in a computing and online safety curriculum that is easy to follow and will equip pupils with the skills and knowledge they need to use technology safely and creatively. Computing is about solving problems, being able to collaborate with others and learn from our mistakes. Our aim is for pupils to become lifelong learners equipped to meet developing technologies with confidence and enthusiasm. We want pupils to become independent and to have fun with technology in an ever changing digital world whilst ensuring they understand how to keep themselves safe online.


Curriculum Intentions

  • To enable our pupils to become competent, confident and independent users of technology.
  • To encourage pupils to develop positive attitudes to computing and to understand its importance and relevance in today’s world.
  • To enable pupils to develop computing as a tool for learning and investigation in all subject areas.
  • To promote safe and sensible use of technology through a dedicated online safety curriculum.
  • To provide opportunities for pupils to explore different technologies (both hardware and software) and enhance their problem solving abilities using technology.
  • To ensure appropriate and equal access to technology for all children regardless of age, gender, ethnicity or ability.
  • To ensure a balanced computing curriculum is delivered to all pupils which includes computer science, digital literacy, information technology and online safety.
  • To use technology as an enabling tool for pupils with SEND.

The journey from Semi Formal to Formal

Pupils begin their journey in a play based environment with lots of computing scenarios based on experience in the real world, such as role play. Pupils gain confidence, control and language skills through opportunities to interact with the whiteboard and play with electronic toys such as controlling remote control cars and BeeBots or communicating through walkie-talkies. Recording devices are used to support pupils develop their communication skills. Pupils will also begin to explore the safe use of technology with familiar adults.

As pupils make the journey into formal learning they begin to understand a range of practical uses for technology and start to use technology for key purposes. Pupils will start to understand what algorithms are and how they are used, extending into them creating their own simple programs. They will learn how to use technology to organise, store, manipulate and retrieve data in a range of digital formats. Pupils will also develop their understanding of online safety by learning how to communicate safely and respectfully online and knowing how to keep personal information private.

Pupils accessing our formal curriculum will deepen their coding knowledge and approach increasingly complex problems systematically. They will be able to design and write programs to accomplish specific goals. Pupils will also deepen their knowledge and skills in creating and editing media and data for specific purposes. Pupils will begin to develop their understanding of computer networks including the internet and how they can provide services such as the World Wide Web. Pupils will also deepen their understanding of risks online and be able to take appropriate steps to keep themselves and others safe.