To nurture and develop passionate and inquisitive pupils with the creativity from the performing arts. Pupils will have opportunities to build on their self-esteem and confidence to support their personal and social development and wellbeing.

Curriculum Intentions

Pupils will have a music and drama session each week where they will work on ideas like rhythm skills, character building, role play, voice and performance skills. Pupils will also develop social skills including turn taking, communication skills and teamwork.

Pupils have the use of a large immersive sensory room and a smaller sensory space where they can interact with light, sounds and textures. There are a number of props and musical instruments available to enhance their experience.

Pupils are offered opportunities with trained music therapists within school to support their development and passion for music. Staff collaborate with these therapists to support their mental wellbeing and creative skills.

A range of topics helps to engage children in different styles of music and drama from around the world while also exploring past and present. Pupils are encouraged to join in school productions which is a great way of building confidence and working on social skills.

Our performing arts curriculum promotes an overall appreciation of the arts and serves to engage pupils in expressing themselves.

The journey from Semi Formal to Formal

Pupils will start their journey to formal learning by exploring different performing techniques, they will then become actively engaged in the creative arts. Next, they will develop their musical skills and develop simple techniques of presentation and performance. As we move into the formal curriculum, we will broaden skills to improvise with others, communicating clearly to an audience in character. Finally, pupils will deepen their awareness of the needs of an audience and character in different performances and show growing understanding of different drama techniques. Pupils will also develop the skills needed to select, explore and compose different musical styles and use more complex musical vocabulary