Visitors’ Code of Conduct.

Welcome to Southgate School.

In this school, the pupils always come first. We always expect visitors to work with us in the best interests of the children.

All visitors must sign in at reception. By signing in you agree to our Visitors’ Code of Conduct.

The school expects all visitors to support our nurturing values and ethos of care:

    • Respect the vision and values of the school
    • Model the best behaviour yourselves, as we try to do; please remain calm at all times
    • We ask for your understanding about the complexity of our young people and their individual needs
    • We ask you not to judge or intervene in any incidents of pupil behaviour
    • Approach school staff to help resolve any issues
    • Respect the need for confidentiality. Any issues observed, discussed, or overheard that refer to children, their families or staff should not be discussed out of school

To support a positive and safe school environment, we ask all visitors to:

    • Be polite and respectful to all school users (including other visitors), avoiding all loud and offensive language
    • Refrain from using physical aggression or chastising any adult or child (including your own)
    • Behave in a way that does not disrupt the operation of any aspect of the school
    • Look after school property
    • Follow our Mobile Phone Policy and Online Safety Policy (available on request)
    • Stay within the areas necessary for your visit
    • Refrain from smoking, consuming alcohol or using any illegal substance (this includes being under the influence)
    • Report to the nearest fire assembly point in the event of the fire alarm sounding (Upper or Lower School Playground). In the event you are working with pupils, please make yourself aware of the fire procedures and lead pupils to safety.
    • Report any safeguarding or child protection concerns, along with any issues regarding health and safety. Our Designated Safeguarding Leads (DSLs) are:
      Ruth Perfitt • Paul Evans • Michelle Doyle • Sue Coates • Helen Masterson

Thank you for following our Visitors’ Code of Conduct

Abusive and aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated; the school must remain a safe place for all users. If a visitor’s behaviour is unreasonable or they are unable to follow our Code of Conduct, we reserve the right to withdraw permission for them to be on school premises.

Please remember to sign out.