Careers Education and Guidance Policy.


A young person’s career is their pathway through learning and work. All young people need a planned programme of activities to help them make decisions and plan their careers, both in school and after they leave. The 2011 Education Act places a duty on schools to give students access to careers education, information and guidance. Southgate School endorses the objectives for careers
education and guidance in the framework for personal, social and health education and the national framework for careers, employability and enterprise education.

Southgate School is committed to providing a planned programme of careers education and guidance. We work from the CDI Framework for careers, employability and enterprise education in partnership with C&K Careers. The school has adopted the eight Gatsby benchmarks of good careers practice. The pupils and their parents or carers in years ten and eleven have regular contact with a Personal Adviser from C&K Careers. In partnership with C&K Careers, Southgate School continue to track pupils’ destinations and outcomes through their post 16 career.

This policy was developed and is reviewed annually through discussions with teaching staff; the school’s personal adviser, students, parents and governors. It is underpinned by the school’s policies for teaching and learning, assessment, recording and reporting achievement, PSHCE, work related learning, equal opportunities and health and safety.


The careers programme is designed to meet the needs of students in Southgate School. It is differentiated and adapted within the three Pathways to ensure it is appropriate and relevant to each individual. The Assistant Head of Upper School maintains the strategic overview whilst the Pathway TLRs have responsibility for day-to-day leadership and management.

Careers is delivered across the curriculum in Lower School to develop pupils’ ability to care for their own needs, to be able to access the community, to work cooperatively with others, to make choices, to make decisions and to keep themselves safe.

In Upper School we continue the learning from Lower School but introduce a focus to raise aspirations, increase motivation and challenge stereotyping. We support students to recognise barriers to their learning and achievement and to make informed decisions and appropriate choices about the options that are available to them. We work to enable students to make a successful transition into education, training or employment.

The pupils are entitled to careers education and guidance that is impartial and confidential. It will be integrated in to their experience of the whole curriculum, based on a partnership with pupils and their parents or carers. The programme will promote equality of opportunity, inclusion and anti-racism.


Pupils will receive discrete careers lessons in Upper School. They will be encouraged to participate in Enterprise activities and they will have the opportunity to visit places of employment, post 16 educational provisions, Real Employment in Huddersfield and C&K Careers. They will also have opportunities to take part in Mock Interviews delivered by outside professionals, they will work with a Careers Personal Advisor from C&K Careers, who will build a relationship with each individual and their parents/carers and support the transition from Southgate in to the next provision. Where it is appropriate, pupils will have the opportunity to take part in Work Experience. C&K Careers carry out checks, risk assessments and write job descriptions for all work experience placements. Some work experience placements require interviews to check suitability. Support for more vulnerable students is supplied by school. The school is in telephone contact throughout the placement, and undertakes a visit of each placement. Parents sign consent forms and agreements. Students have a Health and Safety induction in every placement.

The C&K Careers Adviser has a professional qualification in career guidance. The Careers Adviser works in partnership with the school to meet the statutory duty to secure access to impartial careers guidance to all pupils and their parents and carers.

Information and guidance is offered to parents and carers during Parent’s Evenings and Annual Review Meetings. In addition to this the Careers Adviser will liaise with parents and carers about Post 16 Providers as appropriate. She will also ensure parents and carers receive the Post 16 Transport application for in the summer term and support their completion. C&K Careers will remain in contact with the family and support as required until the student reaches the age of 25 years.

Southgate School will take pupils, as appropriate, and encourage parents and carers to attend the annual event ‘Preparing for adulthood – local offer live event’ organised by Kirklees Council to showcase the ‘Local Offer’.

The Inclusion Team at Southgate keep up to date with the opportunities and available provisions for young people with disabilities in Kirklees and share this information with parents at Parents’ Evenings and Annual Reviews. Parents and carers can make appointments with members of the inclusion team for further support as required.

The Careers Library and resources are kept up to date under the supervision of C&K Careers.


The TLRs for each of the three pathways, J Roberts, A Hosty and K Emptage, are responsible for coordinating the careers programme. The co-ordinators work closely with the Assistant Headteacher, Susan Coates and Sarah Hodgson from C&K Careers. Student guidance is led by Sarah Hodgson. Work Experience is planned and implemented by Susan Coates.

All staff are expected to contribute to the careers education and guidance programme through their roles as tutors and subject teachers. Careers education is planned, monitored and evaluated by the TLRs and Susan Coates in consultation with Sarah Hodgson. Careers education is taught by class teachers in PSHCE lessons and special events. Specialist careers guidance is provided by the C&K Careers personal adviser, Sarah Hodgson. Careers information is available in the Library. Administration support is available to the careers co-ordinators as resources allow.

Career learning outcomes are assessed in Year 11 through ASDAN accredited courses.

An annual Partnership Agreement is negotiated between the school and C&K Careers identifying the contributions to the programme that each will make.

An annual Partnership Agreement is negotiated between the school and COMPACT Business Solutions to provide activities for pupils in Upper School.

Funding is allocated in the annual budget planning round. Funding for developments in the school’s improvement plan are considered in the context of whole school priorities. Sources of external funding actively sought. Staff training needs for planning and delivering the careers programme will be identified and met through support from the TLRs, Susan Coates and Sarah Hodgson.

Susan Coates September 2017