Minutes of Governor’s Meeting

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If you have a child at Southgate School and would like to be involved with setting the school’s vision, ethos and strategic direction of Southgate School please complete the nomination form below.

Please could you also complete the information on the leaflet “What does a governor do”.

Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests of Governing Body of Southgate School

Governing Bodies are under a duty to publish their register of interest on the website.

The register sets out the relevant business interest of Governors and any relationships between members of the Governing Body and members of the school staff including spouses, partners and other relatives.

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Southgate School Governors:

The role of a governor is to contribute to the work of the governing body in ensuring high standards of achievement for all children and young people in the school.

Richard Bains: Chair of Governors (LA)

Start of Term: 01/07/18
End of Term: 30/06/22

Meetings Attended:
03/04/19:Yes – 06/02/19:Yes – 28/11/2018:Yes – 04/07/18:Yes – 16/05/18:Yes – 04/10/17:Yes 

Matthew Holland: Governor (Vice Chair)

Start of Term: 
End of Term: 24/05/21

Meetings Attended:
03/04/19:Yes – 06/02/19:Yes – 28/11/2018:Yes – 04/07/18:Yes – 16/05/18:Yes – 04/10/17:No 

Sue Norman: Governor (Staff)

Start of Term: 08/01/19
End of Term: 07/01/23

Meetings Attended:
03/04/19:Yes – 06/02/19:Yes

Roles and Responsibilities

    • SEN Governor – All governors due to the nature of the school
    • Governor Training Contact – Richard Baines
    • LAC Governor – Matthew Holland
    • Child Protection/Safeguarding Governor – Jeanette Berrett
    • Early Years Governor – Anne Robinson
    • Health and Safety Governor – Abigail Marsland
    • Data/Progress/Attainment Governor – Richard Baines
    • Premium Link Governor – Richard Baines
    • Orchard Pathway Link Governor – Anne Robinson
    • Woodland Pathway Link Governor – Anne Robinson
    • Forest Pathway Governors – Abigail Marsland and Jeanette Berrett
    • Wellbeing Governor – Abigail Marsland
    • Careers Governor –

Finance Committee

    • Richard Baines
    • Paul Evans
    • Matthew Holland
    • Anne Robinson

Health and Safety Committee

    • ¬†Abigail Marsland
    • Cheryl Gray

Performance Management Committee

    • Paul Evans
    • Jeanette Berrett
    • Matthew Holland