Discovering Potential

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Our vision is to offer a safe nurturing school where we always see the best in people and believe in them. We celebrate difference, take great joy in our young people and seek to discover and develop their unique potential.

Southgate Offer

 We try to personalise our offer as much as possible to meet the individual needs of the pupils.

Within class, teachers plan for each and every child, and try to find those unique ways to unlock their potential.

We also have a very wide range of variations, choices and interventions within our curriculum which enrich our offer and give greater opportunity to meet additional needs.

To support this we use the expertise of a huge range of outside agencies and partnerships. They work with our young people but also train and support our staff in developing a greater and greater skill base in school to meet need.

 As a result, we think our curriculum is outstanding in its scope and flexibility, its focus on need and its creativity and imagination.

We always like to work with parents/carers to explore the offer which will empower and unlock the potential in their child and we hope this information will help you to do this.