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Discovering Potential

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Our vision is to offer a safe nurturing school where we always see the best in people and believe in them. We celebrate difference, take great joy in our young people and seek to discover and develop their unique potential.

Online Safety and Safeguarding

Letter to Parents: Letter to parents re Online Safety

Here are some guidance documents around the use of games consoles that you might find useful

Parental Guide - Protecting Personal Data

Parental Guide Conversation Starters

Parental Guide - Nintendo Switch

Parental Guide - WiiU

parental guide - xbox360

parental guide - xboxone

Parental Guides - Nintendo3DS

Playstation - parental guide

Purple Mash - Parenting in a Digital World - Parenting in a Digital World

Please see below parental guidance documents from National Online Safety Website.


Fortnite, one of the biggest video games of all time, has received an update. Fortnite Chapter 2 has a whole host of new in-game features, is more visually appealing and has a brand-new map for players to explore. It’s likely that your child will be spending hours on end getting to grips with the new updates. That’s why we’ve created this guide to help parents and carers understand exactly what Fortnite is all about.


Parental Guidance for Online Grooming_1

How to clean devices-1

Parent Guide to Disney+-1

Parent Guide to House Party-1

Parents guide to Netflix-1

Remote Learning for Parents-1

Parental Guidance for Stadia-1


Parent Guidelines TRILLER-1

  Please click here for PUBG parental guidance

Please click here for Live Streaming parental guidance

  Please click here for Screen Addiction parental guidance

 Please click here for Facebook-parental guidance

Messenger Logo  Please click here for Facebook-Messenger parental guidance

Twitter Logo Please click here for Twitter-parental guidance

Roblox Logo Please click here for Roblox parental guidance

You Tube Logo Please click here for YouTube parental guidance

Instagram Logo Please click here for Instagram parental guidance

Snapchat Logo  Please click here for Snapchat parental guidance

Periscope Logo Please click here for Periscope parental guidance

 Tumblr Logo Please click here for Tumblr parental guidance

IMVU Logo_1 Please click here for Imvu parental guidance

ASKfm Logo Please click here for ASKfm parental guidance

Omegle Logo Please click here for Omegle parental guidance

Steam LogoPlease click here for parental guidance

Minecraft Logo Please click here for Minecraft parental guidance

KIK Logo Please click here for Kik parental guidance

Dubsmarsh Logo Please click here for Dubsmarsh parental guidance

Yubo Logo Please click here for Yubo parental guidance

Clash of the Clans Logo Please click here for Clash of the Clans parental guidance

Live me Logo Please click here for Liveme parental guidance

Whatsapp Logo Please click here for Whatsapp parental guidance

Discord Logo Pleae click here for Discord parental guidance

 GroupMe Logo Please click here for Groupme parental guidance

 Tinder logo Please click here for Tinder parental guidance

Now Logo Click here for Younow parental guidance

Chatroulette LogoPlease click here for Chatroulette parental guidance

Monkey Logo Please click here for Monkey parental guidance

Houseparty Logo Click here for Houseparty parental guidance

Now 1 Logo Please click here Younow parental guide

Xbox logo Please click here Xbox-Live parental guidance

 Meet me Logo Please click here for MeetMe parental guide

Playstation Logo Please click here for Playstation parental gudiance

Summer of Football Logo Please click here for Summer of football parental guidance

Doki Doki Logo Please click here for Doki-Doki-Literature-Club parental guidance

Fifa Logo Please click here for FIFA parental guidance

Reddit logo Please click here for Reddit parental guidance

Tik Tok Please click here for Tik Tok parental guidance

App Store Logo Please call The App Store for parental guidance

Sexting Logo Parental guide to sexting 

 7 Logo Please click here for 7 Conversation Topics parental guidance

What Children need to know Logo_2 Please click here for What children need to know about online bullying

Live.Me Logo_1 Please click here for LiveMe parental guidance

Trolling Logo National Online Safety Trolling Poster