Discovering Potential

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Our vision is to offer a safe nurturing school where we always see the best in people and believe in them. We celebrate difference, take great joy in our young people and seek to discover and develop their unique potential.


Governor Type Name Responsibility End of Term 4/10/17 28/11/2018
Meeting Attended Meeting Attended
Chair of Governors (LA) Richard Baines   30th June 2022 Yes Yes
Governor (Vice Chair) Matthew Holland   24th May 2021 No Yes
Governor (Staff) Sue Norman   7th January 2023    
Governor (Co-opted) Anne Robinson   2nd June 2021 Yes Yes
Governor (Parent) Clare Bent   4th December 2021 Yes Yes
Governor (Parent) Jeanette Berrett   29th January 2021 Yes Yes
Governor (Parent) Emma Lessels   28th January 2023    
Governor (Co-opted) Vacancy        
Governor (Parent) Abigail McDonagh    8th February 2022   Yes
Governor (Headteacher) Paul Evans     Yes Yes
Governor (Staff) Kate Emptage   20th October 2022 Yes Yes



The role of a governor is to contribute to the work of the governing body in ensuring high standards of achievement for all children and young people in the school.  If you have a child at Southgate School and would like to be involved with setting the school's vision, ethos and strategic direction of Southgate School please complete the nomination form below.   

Please could you also conplete the information on the leaflet What does a governor do

Governor Responsibilities

Governors Responsibilities 2017-18


Minutes of Governor's Meeting

7010min - 4 Oct 2017

7010min - 19 March 2018

 7010min Res Cttee - 7 June 2017 (1)

Register of Business and Pecuniary Interests of Governing Body of Southgate School

Governing Bodies are under a duty to publish their register of interest on the website. 

The register sets out the relevant business interest of Governors and any relationships between members of the Governing Body and members of the school staff including spouses, partners and other relatives. 

Business Interest is defined as a situation where the person named, their family (immediate family and other relatives) or close friends have a connection with a potential supplier, or where there is any other business connection (as employer, employee or major shareholder), or where a family member or partner of the person concerned could be advantaged or disadvantaged by a decision of the governing body


Governor Position Business interest Any other educational establishments governed Relationsips with the school staff including spouses, partners and relatives Date 
Richard Baines Chair of Governing Body Nil Nil

Wife - Lunchtime Supervisor

Brother in law - Personal Care Assistant

Jeanette Berret  Governor Nil Nil Nil 3/10/18
Clare Bent  Governor Nil Nil Nil 26/9/18
Linda Cooper  Governor Nil Nil Nil 4/10/17
Matthew Holland Governor Nil Nil Nil 20/11/18
Kate Emptage  Governor Nil Nil Nil 14/10/18
Abigail McDonagh  Governor Nil Nil Nil 19/10/18
Anne Robinson  Governor Nil Nil Nil 3/10/18
Paul Evans Headteacher Nil Nil Nil 26/9/18